Blog changes

When I started this blog, I had a set goal: finish my master's. As of the end of February 2012, I decided to get on with my life instead since I'm making little or no progress. For people who follow my blog, I plan to keep a record of previous welcome notes and "about me"s.

Original welcome noteThe from vet (fat) to nymphette project started with a vernal equinox cleaning session and a photo of me from 2004ish. I've become a full-time student again to finish my Master's degree in English literature. My ten-year high school reunion has given me a deadline: 10 September 2011.

Original about me
I'm a Master's student who has opted out of being a contractor in a stuffy office with no leave to work full-time on my Magister Artium. While I'm at it I'm also trying to shed some fat.