Thursday, 23 June 2011


Once upon a time there was an essential resource for a chapter. A month ago, our heroine carried the sacred tome to the land of The Shelf, where all her other Master's books were stored. When the primary sources were all reread and the arcane notes rediscovered, she sat down before her mystical laptop to spin out of knowledge, magic, enthusiasm and air an insightful chapter. She travelled to The Shelf to retrieve the sacred tome.

It was gone.

A thorough search and many adventures with rabbits later, the tome was nowhere to be found. Our heroine went on a quest. The Oracle of the University of Pretoria's website guided her search to a shelf in the tallest tower of the library. The rumours stated that it contained the essay required. It had also disappeared. The quest (and swearing) continues...

On a lighter note, I've discovered a useful resource for writing dissertations. I've discovered an online community that  helps you to feel less desperate: PhinisheD.

I'm not sure if I'm losing weight (the scale in the house shows no weight loss or gain, but did get wet in one of the great bathroom floods) or fat (I have an appointment with Marthie Leach next week). Weight is not the only factor to being a nymphette. One of the others is illustrated by the Pre-Raphaelites - gorgeous hair.

A Mermaid - JW Waterhouse

Hylas and the Nymphs (study 1) - JW Waterhouse
I was devastated when my hair stylist moved to Cape Town. Jade was a breakthrough in my life and taught me the value of having a hairstyle done by someone who knows exactly what they're doing.It took me six months to give up and have my hair cut by *gasp* someone else. I've got hair again, real hair as opposed to that-which-annoys-me-and-should-be-tucked-in-a-pony-tail hair.

Hooray for Edward from Head Boys in Brooklyn Mall.  I was at the point where I was about to cut my own hair when I wondered in. He was very kind (and has a different style from Jade). He believed me that I don't blow wave or use straighteners! Thanks to his scissors I can do modern girl and Pre-Raphaelite looks using only a bit of mousse.
The just-cut-and-styled look

Monday, 13 June 2011

Picnic time

My blog deals with preparing for yea old reunion (do I really want to go?), the Master's (of much blergh at the moment) and, alas, losing weight. But then nice things like picnics happen. Hooray! They interfere with Project 36 since I end up eating things I shouldn't, but it's good for the soul. Also, everyone knows that birthday cake doesn't cause fat even if it's chocolate cake.

I love the Pretoria Botanical Gardens. I used to fly my kite there when I was even younger and shorter than I am today. I also have vague memories of bringing tadpoles home. More recently, my friends have birthday picnics and open-air meetings there. Also, I go there as an excuse to play with my camera.

Here are the results of the time spent not having a lovely time and chatting, but playing with said camera.

Yummy bones on a black plate

Soft and delicious fangs ...

... that you can have much fun with

Black birthday balloons

Shadow of a mohawk

More fun with mohawks and umbrellas
Silhouette time

A different mohawk than the umbrella candidate

The birthday girl playing with the balloons

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Truth be told, this week was spent mostly in baggy pants and t-shirts - reading for the MA. I suppose that working at home has some downsides. I need people to stay human - and not only over weekends. For what's it's worth, I may have a bug or something. Today I did no work at all. Instead I got into my real-me clothes and went to a job interview instead. We'll see what happens - they are fans of Otaku magazine and I included some articles I wrote for them in my portfolio.

Gym and eating plan
In the general excitement of interacting with what is commonly known as the "real world", I omitted to eat my carbohydrate portion this morning. Instead I started my day with an egg. (yeah, it does get better, there is a point to this). So, having devoured proteins and one measly carbohydrate that slipped in I proceeded to the gym. Guess what happened?

I was dizzy, felt nauseous and almost fell off. Thank goodness I had the sense to sit down and drink some Energade (1.5 carb portions). What happened? Low blood sugar? Stellar unfitness? Not eating my carbs?

Theory: My body has sided with the eating plan. It protests when it is not soothed and pampered with  enough sleep, regular carbohydrates and protein. I even looked at meat with fat on it and thought "ugh". The people at Litchi Living have really changed my life :)

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Grrrrr ARGH

So far, this blog has kept a positive outlook on the Master's and the shapeshifting. After missing my first deadline due to a conglomeration of events I feel less hopeful. Less optimistic. Less happy. I've misplaced an essential book for the chapter I'm working on. Luckily for me I feel more stubborn! More good news - this is standard for Master's students.

At least I haven't given up - I'm just starting to feel very sorry for myself and rather stressed about the Master's. A good friend of mine once warned me that's it's difficult to stop earning a salary to study - in my case I've been used to earning a salary for eight years. Living off my savings irks me.

Thank goodness for Jorge Cham's PHD comics and irrate Master's students.

See Wednesday

I could have had a car...